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Medical hypnosis is one of the holistic treatment that focuses not only on supporting but also on restoring the mind.


 According to the clinical hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is nothing but, it is hypnosis. HYPNOSIS  is a human condition that involves both focused attention and enhanced the capacity to respond to suggestions as well. Hypnotherapy is a widely acknowledged tool in psychology. It is the state of mind and peace which helps individuals quiet their emotional minds to increase their concentration and focus also.

A therapist can help many patients to begin their recovery process, by inducing a trance-like state.

Under professional guidance, people can focus on their pains and struggles, that allow them to regain control or implement changes in the specific or targeted area.


Hypnotherapy has been used as a treatment for a variety of conditions, such as

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mania 
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Communication disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Chronic stress
  •  Eating disorder
  • Horror dreams,
  • Pain management 
  • Sleep management

The other treatments are Insomnia, Parasomnias, Addiction, Personality disorder, Thumb sucking, Bedwetting, Nail-biting, Panic attacks, Hysteria, Dyslexia, Sleep disorder, Fear, Teeth eating, Stammering, Menstrual problem, Slow learner, Addiction low memory problem, Weight loss, Anger management, Phobia, Suicidal thoughts, Postpartum depression, Parkinson’s, Students problem, Not willing to study, Counselling marriage counseling, Student counseling, Love break, Mental shock, OCD, PTSD, autism, ADHD, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), etc…

Additionally, hypnosis can help to reduce phobias, increase immunity power, improve digestive issues and manage negative behaviors and thoughts also. Hypnosis is a very energetic and powerful tool that helps you to gain mastery over your minds. Just as negative thoughts can make your body sick and become lazy. By promoting positive and nurturing thoughts i.e hypnosis which helps to heal your mind.


According to your health professional, they may recommend you to eliminate or neglect certain unhealthy or harmful routines or behaviors that might interface or disturb in the treatment process. These unhealthy and harmful habits may include: not only excessive caffeine intake, alcohol or drug abuse, lack of quality sleep but also living in sedentary places. A practitioner might suggest some tips like unplugging every electronics before going to bed to allow more quality, restful as well as brain rejuvenating sleep.


Normally, a hypnosis session is conducted in a calm and relaxed environment.

Firstly, the clinician will make sure the patient is comfortable and relaxed to begin the session.

After starting a session, the therapist will ask the patients related to any troubling things or events from the past or current situations. By transforming negative thoughts and experience into a positive one, they can guide the patient along the way of recovery.

Unlike an inaccurate way, hypnotherapy is portrayed in movies or TV, a patient is never unwillingly forced into some abstract dream state. A patient is awake and in control of their thought process during the entire session. The patient can hear the therapist’s suggestions and directions and can choose whether or not to implement those suggestions.


Nowadays, many practitioners offer hypnosis services, it is is very important to identify and recognize a better hypnotherapist that is properly trained and has knowledge in therapy. Instead of qualifications, it; very important to find out a hypnotherapist that you are comfortable to ensure the effectiveness of therapy.

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