This troubling condition is associated with the over –activity of sebaceous glands . one factors we can correct is that aggravation increase emotional stress. This why hypnosis has been useful in minimizing the outbreaks in those people who learn self-hypnotic medication.


Addictive behavior is linked to the flux of emotions that constantly surge through the brain. Hypnosis helps us to decide how to respond to emotions, whether to act on weakness or addictive, inappropriate urges, or use restraint. Changing behavior is based on the concept of self-awareness.


An abnormal fear of wind , gusts of air , draft and gaseous fumes . These inbred fear will always try to rear their ugly heads and must be slapped down with vigor . only the zealous and determined ever succeed in changing for the better.


Negative expectation tends to affects the degree of body deterioration . Hypnosis can increase longevity by eliminating harmful habits . Humans seldom live a full life span . we could live beyond one hundred years , if we took proper care of ourselves.


The persons is perceived as being overwrought with anxiety , with little, or no , conscious control of his/her voice .breathing is staccato and strained .This condition requires the assistance of a trained therapist who trains the subject to relax , and regulate the voice with rhythm of breathing . it is helpful to record a tape for the client to listen to.


The persons is perceived as being overwrought with anxiety , with little, or no , conscious control of his/her voice .breathing is staccato and strained .This condition requires the assistance of a trained therapist who trains the subject to relax , and regulate the voice with rhythm of breathing . it is helpful to record a tape for the client to listen to.


Events in early life predispose some people to unconsciously re-invent the original trauma. This is correctable with positive reprograming while under the medium to deep trance state. This enables one to gain clarity about oneself and separate facts from unrealistic worries.


An fear of pain. Not only can the fear be removed , but the pain can actually be diminished and, in cases of motivated subjects, completely erased . A medium trance state is best for this problem because contact needs to be retrained in order to focus the mind into a specific area.


Hypnosis can erase symptoms and even eliminate the problem , for some . if an allergic reaction is seasonal , self hypnosis can be used regularly to postpone and eradicated the occurrence . in addition , you can minimize negative reaction and experience relief without risking side effects.


To accomplish this successfully , the subject must enter deep CORE hypnosis this method lowers the threshold of pain, and is used in some cases for surgery , especially when the patient cannot tolerate drug anesthesia . This is also useful for injections , preparation for operation and dental work .


Beneath simmering temper is the anxiety and fear of being hurt . Humiliation tends to trigger a flare up of explosive emotion. Anger makes us more susceptible to disease , from the common cold to serous problems of the immune system .


An alarming epidemic of eating disturbance affects young girls one out of three teenagers is anorexic or bulimic. Some are only ten years old and weigh less than eighty pounds. Preoccupation with being skinny, based on TV shows , featuring young woman with caved – in stomachs and protruding bones also some cases of young men . the disorder ha a mortality rate of twenty percent . Eventually , the anorexic may to gain weight but her body resists . Fortunately , mind and body can become normal with hypnosis.


You can only look as good as your internal vision of yourself . your right brain is the artist that paints the portrait for your left brain to actualize .This is a time to enhance visualization.


Fear of deep water is a common problems , especially for people who where forced to swim as children . In extreme cases , victims will not travel overseas on ships or even get into a small canoe.


After including a light state of hypnosis , an herbal or flower essence is passed over the face of the subject , by the hypnotist . A positive suggestion is given for depending the trance and accepting the reconditioning program , which the subject has worked out in advance.


The number of people in united states , afflicted with this this condition , has been estimated at 37 million. Suffers report relief of pain with hypnotic suggestion while in a trance level . Ones breathing exhalation is directed to the point of greatest discomfort as an exit .


Auto – suggestion are self – commands which can propel the mind and body to move in the right direction . They are activators that bring about all affirmative improvements .


As many as ten million people have this condition . While many adults live with this problems , it can be helped . it is the most common of all psychological disorder . labeling a child as deficient can be a cop –out . The cause may be our teaching methods . instead of helping children who are restless , we may be boring them with outline.


Feeling ill-at-ease reflects in the image presented to others. It shows lack of reflex habits . all of our activities center around these patterns . in order for you to overcome awkwardness , notice your entrenched habits and keep asking yourself , is this action helping me get where I want to go , or is it hindering me ?


Five millions Americans suffer from back problem and can be helped with hypnosis , either self induced or with a therapist . moat cases have a contributing mental/emotional component . check with a doctors to discover if the pain is organic , or due to tension . lower stress and you may lessen the pain .


A sense of continuous sadness and despair at losing a loved one , can be diminished by introspective light hypnosis. Using hypnosis in a group setting is comforting to people who find solace by interacting with others who have lived through a similar experiences.


Under hypnosis , positive programing is accepted by cerebrum (conscious through) , then sent to the cerebellum (action center). Suggestion affects the thalamus and the brain steam , which is in charge of breathing , heartbeat and other automatic health functions . in addition , hypnotic therapy releases endorphins , a natural opiate , manufactures by the brain . This aids pain relief and well being .



There have been some positive results in breast enlargement for women from nineteen years to thirty –five , based on trance – visualization . A report , by the American society of psychosomatic medicine , states that the simulations of breast growth stems from the suggested increase of blood circulation and estrogen hormones . the increase in the test group range from .75 inches to 2.75 inches , in eight week .


Incontinence is a symptoms , not a disease . the urgent need to pass urine , is often due to stress , either of a physical nature such as coughing or sneezing or a nervous , emotions reactions to a certain situations . before embarking on a hypnosis solution , see your physicians for an examination .


People who have difficulty controlling exercise bleeding from accident or surgery , report being helped from hypnotic suggestion . there are instances where hemophiliacs have lessened the problem , also both hetero hypnosis and self-hypnosis .


Fifty millions American’s suffer from elevated pressure . scientist have established that moods and behavior can raise or lower blood pressure . corrective measure includes exercise, choice of foods and mental /emotional stress management . hypnotic color visualization is very helpful . Test done at the university of Alberta , Canada lowered pressure by using color visualizations, as follow .


If you don’t care for your body , no one else will. The best time to start is when you still have a choice . many body –builders psyche themselves up with self hypnosis . it helps them lift more weight then they would , ordinarily.



Hypnosis has turned out to be a hit with league bowlers and beginners . The ball will never go into gutter , if you are focused into a light hypnosis (Alpha State) eyes- open concentration .


When painful visions from the past consume the subjects mind , sometimes the only recourse is it cleanse the space and replace it with new programing . This only works with subjects approval and participation .


This refers to grinding of teeth and can cause serious dental problems. This takes place during the night . This unconscious reflex may be due to repressed anger of a strong desire to strike back . fear of releasing this strong emotion and being punished , is trapped in the jaw .


The habit of overeating and then throwing up, often stems from insecurity about being loved and accepted .The overeating may be a way to compensate and the throwing up punishment to self for being unworthy of love and/or lack of perfection.


In addition to reliving pain and promoting rapid healing , hypnosis imaginary brings hope courage’s to overcome memories of the trauma . both regression and progression techniques are useful . imagery encourage possibility thinking that one can recover and improve rapidly , without scar tissue .


Emotional and physical exhaustion from overwork can be changed to high energy . Hypnosis allow you to work smarter , not harder . You can plan and organize your time . Your productivity will be enhanced with less efforts.


Business Acumen

Hypotonic meditation is means of sharpening judgment in making the right decisions .Also ,the quality of work ad financial rewards will escalate ,dramatically, if one practice regularly.


The influence of one’s mental altitude , and expectation are major forces in remission and cure as well as prevention . After you succeed in placing yourself in alight to the medium trance , feel healing energy flow your area of affliction and see that part of you radiate light. Our bodies are constantly building new cells to replace the damage once .


Making a move to another situation or moving up the ladder , because of a promotion , all bring butterflies to the stomach of the person with insufficient self – confidence .


In case of painful muscle –joint disorder , hypnosis acts as a muscles relaxant , for those clients who are deep CORE subjects it can remove pain symptoms entirely .


Each year over three millions kids are mistreated , usually by their own families .They are punched , slapped ,kicked or struck with hard object by uneducated and frustrated
adults .This usually leaves scars on the personality, as well as the body .



Contradiction , the first stage of childbirth , is called labor . This is because it is expected to be hard work However , it doesn’t have to be as a some women anticipate , if they have been trained to get into an altered state of mind .


In addition to whatever medication is prescribed , a strong dose of positive thinking and profound relaxation helps . Hypnosis also is useful to stick to the prescribed special diet .


Anxiety about being in closed – in areas , such as elevators , closets etc. This stems from childhood experiences and can be corrected by regression techniques to the time of the original trauma . there are several visualization that work . The following is my favorite .


Because bowel disturbances like bloating ,cramping and diarrhea , are intensified by anxiety . Therefore , hypnosis becomes natures antinode to correct the problem , permanently .A balanced diet with an abundance of fiber is the choice of many health practitioners.


Humans have been subliminally trained to self – destruct . our culture makes us prey to mercenary interests. We are programmed by advertising which cuts the humans life –span by 10 to 20 years . The average person is not even aware of these suggestions. Like sheep , masses of people amble on to their own slaughter , due to indirect media conditioning .


Proper functioning of the neuron-transmitter of organs , muscles , and nerves , begins in the brain , which response to hypnosis and the power of creativity imagination and persuasive suggestion .


Self – hypnosis is the best techniques to employ . it is natural to have one to three bowel movement each day. Regularity can make a healthy difference in life. Eliminate toxic waste from your body by combining high fiber diet (lots of vegetables) with water , juices exercise and most important , train your digestive system to avoid congestion .


Invention emanates from intuition of inspire mind in a hypnotic state . Of all human endeavors , the visuals arts and compositions of music , play an important role for human progress . The Alpha state has led to many of todays electronic and artistic accomplishments .


Tactile hypnosis ( by touch ) is extremely effective for the dead hard of hearing . First they watching a demonstration of hearing being hypnotized so they known the process . then , they are given a card , upon which they write their personal auto – suggestions. Visual charts explain each step before induction . “ concentrate on what you have written on your card . Another sign is shown “Each time I touch your shoulder , go deeper .” Another sign . “When I tap both shoulders , open your eyes and remain in train in trance to read your suggestion.


No shots . self – induced comfort , anesthesia , pain free , needle – free , and chemical free . There is a higher level of personal trust throughout the procedure . Also , the dentist gets more done .


Don’t throw away your plates , or your mind to assist in the successfully practiced for over fifty years. The comfort and acceptance of prosthetic devices by the patient , depends on their ability to imagine the appliance as natural and comfortable .


The inability to function due to unhappy thoughts is self – perpetuating . Because it is self – inflicted , it can be self – erase and replace by a better emotional state of mind . Hopelessness and helplessness vanish with this meditation .


People who are out of control , restore to puff of smoke a take of pot , a snort of cocaine why do some people fall into the thrall of addictive substances ,while others wouldn’t consider damaging themselves ? The difference in these two types of people is user seeks a fix from outsides , the non – user reaches inwardly to natural resources.


Without some form of mind – control , diabetics have difficulty maintaining their very strict diet . for some , this can be a matter of life or death . the most dependable method to maintain discipline , is learning the art of hypnosis .


Hypnotic power helps to optimize the subjects concentration . There is a great deal of misdiagnosis in this area . learning and using self – hypnosis is empowering to the afflicted person . Hypnosis will remove stress and anxiety and optimize the brains ability to overcome the limitations.


A dream is a window into ones secrets world . as Freud said , “A dream is a message from the unconscious , and if not understood is like a letter left unopened . Hypnosis is an uncovering modality and not only retrieves the dream but also interprets the symbols and archetypes that the unconscious mind is expressing .


Whether over the counter or under , drug addiction is the nation’s NO.1 health problem and causes of death . Researchers at Baltimore’s john Hopkins’s university report that opiates travel to a part of the brain which produces Europhobia , causing dependency . Tranquillizer , energizers, sleeping pills , painkillers , appetite depressants and others , only remove symptoms . Hypnotic suggestion can do more , because it often erases the fundamental cause , such as stress and Anxiety .


A balance diet is the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy body and mind . Bingeing . Purging. Starving. Vomiting. Food – dysfunctional people lead a life-and-death battle with appetite .However , they respond to hypnotic strategies with outstanding results because food addiction goes deeper than consciousness – to the autonomic reflex system .humans are the only animals cursed with addicted appetite . Other animals eat to hunger . Health practitioners believe most beings eat twice the amount necessary for health .


Negative emotions begin early in life . The most powerful force is destructive criticism , inflicted on a child before the age of six. The memory bank stores this materials . we have to reach into that warehouse to wash it way it away . Lack of unconditional love scars a child’s psyche and the adults inner child craves compensation . people can and do improve at any age and any stage of life maturity means you feel free to assert your need to share loving feeling .


This is the most common where children are concerned . The problem may be physical and psychologies . with children , this is most often a manifestation of passive rebellion between child and parent . As such , it is treatable with hypnosis .


This term is used to describes over twenty types of seizures which are chronic in nature . this means they happens periodically . the grand mal is the most serious and may be cause limited to facial muscles , with consciousness returning rapidly . muscles spasm can be interrupted by a medical hypnotist and control taught to patient . self hypnosis is the preferred modality , so the subject can , at a moment’s notices , enter the trance level and stay balanced with normal awareness .


The abnormal compulsive to explosive ones body parts to stranger in order to attract salacious attention . also this term refers to the “SHOW OFF” personality the topless dancer , etc . The extreme of this behavior is the flasher . whose fetish prevents him from true intimacy . this psycho – sexual problem needs the help of a skilled therapist .


Memories of child abuse are often repressed and then recovered in details by fragmented during hypnosis . some scientist are skeptical . They say Memory is fragmented and prone to revision due to persuasion . Fortunately , validity can ascertained in the altered state . this is done through automatic nerve reaction using finger signals .Here’s how it works .


A chronic tired feeling is not only the result of poor nutrition and limited oxygen , but it also , stress – related . Expand energy by opening up your lungs capacity to add oxygen . fatigue is relatives to each individual’s state of body fitness.


Aerophobia is often the result of an earlier experience which frightened the person . imagery directed onto a screen revives the incident and a safe reenactment takes places sublimity which latters calms the conscious mind.


Over half of all women surveyed , report that they have difficulty in achieving sufficiently sensation to bring about a strong internal orgasm . which they depend solely an a man to arouse them, they often find themselves frosted . here how to accelerate internal sensation .


Those bound to mediocrity by having been born to poverty , can use their mental energy to guide them to economic security . It’s all in the head . The first step is to see what you want . Use the law of the self – fulfilling prophecy … conceive it believe it.. and then… Achieve it .


This presents a serious problem in dental work as well as the swallowing of pills and other medications. Some people gag when they eat and talk at the same time . A corrective action is to slow down and become aware of your breathing rhymes . Taking as low deep breath and swallowing only after exhalation .


Thinking only in term of being a winner or loser , spurs losers to try to become winner , even if the behavior is irrigational . The consequences of gambling can be destructive . there are people who have lost their cars , home and marriage . the underlying motivation of gamblers isn’t just about money . Often it is connected to lack of intimacy .


Problems associated with food ,such as bloating , diarrhea , cramps and irritable bowel syndrome ,find remedial help through hypnosis. This is especially true when these conditions are stress related .


Both short term and long term goals required a plain, a map to guide you to your destination . Once you have set a rational goal of your self ,use hypnosis to motivated your striving .No matter how far you need to travel , every journey starts by taking the first step of planning .One step after the other leads you to your goals.


Chronic bad breathe can be due to a variety of diseases and can be a symptoms for diagnosis .In addition to seeing a doctor to make sure it is not organic , you can eliminate the emotional psychosomatic factor in the following way .


Chronic headaches can be prevented and controlled . whether a person suffers the cluster type or migraine , stress aggravates the condition and hypnotics medication ameliorates it . Check with your physician and if all that your medication does is to remove symptoms , try self-hypnosis .Lowering stress can often remove the cause .



There’s a plethora of aliments which are correctable with the mind . Many unaware people are trapped in behavior which makes them sick and shortens their lives . Every time you think and every time you speak you should know that each thought and words bring with it a physical reaction and possible effect upon our body . There are literally hundred of health problem that could be alleviated by the use of hypnosis.


Because the brain is so close to the receiving end of nature hearing instruments every word we say , or hear , can affect hearing loss. Humans beings can distinguish between 300,000 to 400,000 variations . Here’s go to improve yours .before induction , place coins and dressmaker pins in the sources near you so you can reach them when your eyes are close.


The discomfort associated with digestion is influenced by emotions or anger or frustration . Because of this factors , a state of prolonged relaxation is preventative while antacids may neutralize the reflux problem temporary , self – hypnosis will eliminate the course .


As a stress escalates , maintaining a healthy heart become vitally important practicing regular self hypnosis can prevented stress – related cardiovascular disturbances . Most heart attacks happens early in the morning . Before jumping out of bed do 5 minutes . pf hypnotic imagine .


The mind is powerful in the suppression of recurrence of these genital skin irritation in addition to using techniques to speed healing , one can also avoid recurrence of outbreak.


This is described as an involuntary spasmodic closure and opening of the glottis in the throat , producing a staccato staccato sound. This problem may continue for week or longer . people who are prone to have this disorder report that going into hypnosis can break repetition of the annoying reflex.


Albert Einstein said imagination is more powerful than reality . it is the spark which ignites your power to reach you true potential it is a necessary component of all creativity music art and science . without it we would live like zombies.


Over ten millions men, nationwide admits to erectile dysfunctions . The real figure might be double . Fortunately , most male potency problem can be corrected Hypnosis is effective for men who.


In an unstable world , only one thing remains constant – the human CORE of intelligence , this is unique in each of us and universal to all , you can boosts your I.Q. up to ten points with hypnotic suggestion – and you can reinforce the improvement by yourself with suggestion and music , while in a core trance … theta state of mind.


The inability to stay with one sexual partner can lead to a host of problem in most case changing partners does not get rid of the problem , but changing behavior does adding variety to intimacy works wonder to recapture the rapture that once was.


A Gallup revealed more than a third of Americans -90 millions people have sleep problem , self hypnosis training can ensure both result night and energetic day because hypnosis is the natural gateway to slumber.


You can stop the itch before you scratch . we know that scratching worsens an itchy condition and can lead to break in the skin , making it open to infection you will learn to control sensory feeling and taken command over the impulse . whether an insect bite poison ivy , oak or sumac or an allergic rash , scratching interferes with healing .


People who travel by plane are familiar with the resulting daytime fatigue . and nighttime insomnia that adds to the stress of travel , you don’t have to put up with het lag if you do self – hypnosis when you travel.


Learning begins with sense of inner peace and freedom from fear of failure . student find self hypnosis makes study time more effective . it improves concentration and results in higher test scores . the power of your mind can bring you tenacious displace to spur you on to your goals.


Lower back pain , due to muscular strain can be chronic .some people resort to unnecessary surgery when stress reduction may help . using hypnosis pain, elevation takes place after reaching the CORE stage . Howe ever , this can only happens when there is readiness to let go of the condition.


A run down , overall feeling of lethargy and weakness doctors organic cause , altitude may be the culprit . malfunctions of anyone part of the body reflects itself in every other area . Bad circulation , improper breathing nervous tension , and poor digestion all contribute to malaise , conversely when all parts of the body are working in the healthy harmony , they emotions and attitude.


Financial success required self development and motivation. It is based on the formula attitude +action [ achievement . successful strategies begin in the mind . you have to plan the work the plan once you know what you want to be open to unexpected good news about finances .


Hypnosis methods to emirate the libido and control one’s physicals reflexes have proven successful in the most cases where the problem is not linked to serous ,neurosis , such as fear and avoidance of the normal intercourse with a mate .


Hypnosis can recall the feeling without side affects . This works wonders for those users who are ready to change to a healthier high . Dr. Franz E . Winkler , in his booklet, “About Marijuana,” States , “An early effect of marijuana and hashish use is a progressive loss of will – power , noticeable to trained observe after six week. “An additional report is the study conducted by Dr. R. Campbell of Edmonton , Canada . Dr. Campbell , Who works at Alberta’s acute psychiatric ward , indicated that serious health problems can result. “There is real danger that as little as one experience with marijuana could cause psychotic disorder such as paranoia withdrawal , depression , Which could . linger for months or even years after the drugs experience.”



Your mental warehouse has west accumulations of helpful information , but also a great backlog of useless debris . The sooner you give your mind a house cleaning , the better your memory will be . Hypnosis is the broom , which can sweep it clean . When bad experience leaves an after image , (like bad food leaves an aftertaste) hypnosis can erase the taste and replace the space with more satisfying visions.


Women passing through a period of hot flushes and anxiety about changing as they grow older , need a discipline to bolster their endocrine system and self-esteem . it helps to think young and ignore the effects of passing time .


There is, in your central brain a small area which regulates the biochemistry of your body . Located in the hypothalamus , it controls both appetite and food storage in the form of excess fat . medium to deep hypnosis can influence your subconscious to increase the burning up of stored fat by increasing the input of oxygen through deep breathing and diminishing the number of calories.


For some people travelling to get somewhere is no fun . whether in a car , bus, train or plain , symptoms of motion sickness includes paleness , sweating , upset stomach , dizziness and vomiting.


Well over 400,000 report of sexual assaults against children are field with authorizes every year by teachers and doctors who deal with traumatized kids . This supports the figures released by the child welfare league of America , which confirmed a 42 percent increase in reported complaints . both victims and victimizer can be helped with hypnosis , if there is willingness to change .


Chemicals imbalance has been blamed for this problem. However , many people have normalized their emotional stability through mental persuasion . Try it before you overdose on medications that may have serious side effects. You will learn to listen your mind’s wisdom. To rationalize before you emotionalize . Self – hypnosis can be the turning point to lift your spirits from low to high , permanently .


Our degree of motivation depends on the rewards . Hope can take over despair if you have a positive program for change . When motivation is fired by passionate desire , things happen quicker . The very fact that you are reading this book indicates that you are motivated to improve . Hypnosis can spur you to your goal. That is if you practices with regularity.


Excessive attachment to one’s mother which persists into adulthood , can keep the person from developing mature , intimate relationships . in extreme cases of mother – child attachment . the grown –up child may have problems of sexual nature , because of unconscious , early guilt – associations.


This habit indicates to others that the persons is overcome with anxiety . if a hypnotist is dealing with a child , background information from the parents need to be examined . chances are emotional problem need to be corrected , as well as the nail-biting . if the subject is an aware adult , nail biting can usually be stopped in in to two sessions with the following technique.


This sexual aberration deals with the desire with the desire to have sexual intercourse with a dead person. There is often a direct link to an event in childhood , such as losing a loving person that one did not have opportunity to express their affection to . In adulthood , childhood , trauma takes on sexual tones.


Grotesque image during sleep , such as killers threatening one’s life , are expressions of unresolved fear , experienced during the waking hours occasional bad dreams are nothing to worry about . However , persistent repetitive ones, are trying to inform you of something you must do , in your own best interested. A helpful technique is to hypnotize yourself at bedtime , with suggestion to recall and understand the message behind the dream .



Lack of sensation can happen in any part of the bossy , but is most commonly found in hands and feet. Hypnotic focus can bring about sensitization through the use of visualization to increase normal circulation to the distressed area .


A typical example is that of the person who is driven to wash his/her hands excessively . fear of contamination can take many form such as fear of sitting near someone who didn’t look clean “Another is avoiding cracks in the sidewalk , or fearing people of other races or religions . Repetitive , instructive unwanted thought need to be replaced with positive suggestion and a visualization to reinforce desires results.


This requires medical references . Uncomfortable inching and swelling can be controlled and even eliminated with diligent practice of affirmative imagery and self – programming .


For improvement after a professional session be long lasting , the subject is given a long term suggestion to reinforce the programing after he/she leaves . A triggering action is set up . for example .”Each time you drink a glass of juice , you will feel satisfied without alcohol.


Women don’t have to suffers the side effect of being pregnant . Nausea , restless sleep , sticking to healthy diet , fear of the birth experiences the need to stop smoking , eliminate drugs , and any other bad habits . from the moment of conception until delivery , the expectant mother should precise self hypnosis for learning and a painless delivery . As in any endeavor , you apply you to learning the method describes here for you .


For many women this represents irritability , and mood swings emotions may seem to be rigid a roller –coaster . All that cases , when you prepared yourself a week in advance of your period , with positive expectation by using hypnosis and positive self talk .


This manifests itself as scaly , red irritated patched usually attack elbows , scalp , and eyebrow and to a lesser degree , other areas of the body . Hypnosis has been known to prevents flare–ups and diminish the severity . However , the sooner the skin disturbance is recognize the better hypnotics suggestion works.


Physical dysfunction , when non-organic , is referred to as “psychosomatic” This term indicates the effect of the mind (psyche) on the body soma . Emotions , inhibited instead of expressed can cause physical symptoms such as headaches , backaches , ulcers , skin rashes and host of other tension related emotions . Hypnosis converted negative emotion to positive ones.


The ability to perform unusual physical feats is art that anyone of with brain – training such as hypnosis. It only takes on alpha or hypnoidal level. We can see this in the sports arena , where gold medal winners psyche themselves up to surpass their own record.


Whether it’s a complex prepared presentation , or just among friends , you can projects thoughts with expertise if you are rehearse the speech while in a light trance whether you need the skill in politics , business or social interaction , Watt you say and how you say it can open doors or have them shut in your face .



This is an uncontrollable desire to be around fire . when unchecked may lead to arson and death not only of innocent victims but of the perpetrator as well. There is a root to this disorder . The originated trauma can be wiped out with hypnosis.


Over 50 million people in the USA suffer from panic attacks , and the number is increasing as pressures escalates . Nausea , Sweating , dizziness , pain in chest , shortness of breath are all symptoms which respond to hypnosis . For those with an extreme problem it might include fear of dying , going crazy or losing control of bodily functions or if driving , losing control and having accident .


The sexual exploitation of children by emotionally disturbed people (mostly men) has become epidemic . Some are arrested. However , the recidivism rate for u untreated perpetrators is about fifty percent . Behavioral therapy with applied hypnosis can reduce this percentage considerably , depending on individual motivation and intelligence . Hypnosis not only can change the pedophile , but also valuable to erase the painful memories from the mind of the child victims .


Symptoms of peptic ulcers vary depending on where the ulcer is located. Duodenal ulcer may cause burning , gnawing or an aching sensation . Gastric ulcer , located in the stomach may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting . In either case pain may follow after a meal . Hypnosis can not only alleviate the symptoms but can lessen the cause , which is usually stress related .


This is a transformational experience , Where you can release childhood anger and choose new emotional response to family member , who may have interfered with your developments . The experiences revitalizers the over stressed body and refreshes the mind , returning one’s original magnetic energy.


It is empowering to examine , while in a trance state, events and emotions connected to the past . prior happenings are viewed as step to higher consciousness . you can transcend time and space and see things from a transcended place. Oh strange , that in our embers , is something that remembers.


We all need to be intimate with another person , but for many people there is an anticipation of failure , based on past situations. Hypnosis boots confidence in social situation to make new friends that can turn into lovers. Your rewards may very well be an everlasting relationship with the lover of your dreams.


Evangelists use authorize hypnotic methods , similar to stage hypnotists to mesmerize their followers on television , while more mainstream theologians practice gentle permissive ,in directive hypnosis. The malleable brain finds itself invaded by a superior force and becomes obedient.


We are hearing reports of the sharp increase in fights on highways where guns come into play and death or injury results. The drivers must accept that car can be a dangerous weapons in of itself and avid conflict


This is usually a link to childhood insecurity . Regression to the origin cause , can correct the reflex , whether the subject manifest it while seated or lying in bed induce the trance level then go into this visualization .


This a chronic facial skin disorder , manifested by broken blood vessels causing redness and sometime swelling of the nose . The condition can be aggravated by anxiety, alcohol , and spicy food.


Choric jerking of the limbs interferences with getting a good night’s sleep. Some suffers complain of tingling , as well as creepy , craw sensation . Compulsive , jump-out-of-bed reaction cause some people to get up during the night to walk the sensation off. This doesn’t always work , and often results in habitual sleep deprivation.


Some people believe they can only functions sexually at this level and do not seek out alternative ways of loving . For them , This is often a retaliation to the abuse in childhood . There is a tendency among humans to relive trauma from the past . Because of this early imprint on self-image , we need to take in award journey to the original insult.


Lack of self-esteem is the most common obstacle to happiness . Esteem is essential for success in all areas, such as relationship , job career, and mental/emotional health . You are the architect of your life –how strong or weak you appear to others , is based on the person , projected by you.


Every person can enter a higher realm of energy , and train every call of the body to respond to positive self suggestion . Getting into the habits of directing the events in your life as well as your health , becomes easy with practice . These are the steps you can take any time you have the need .


The following are the most common problem that respond to hypnotic suggestion
.Lower desire for sexual intercourse
.Erection difficulty , mental in origin
.Pain during orgasm due to stress factor
.Personify / relationship disagreements
.Matching a partner’s frequency of desire


These who boss with sex are hooked in the same way as drug addicts. They calm themselves by including in instant gratification , seeking to alleviate helplessness and worthlessness . for this kind of addict , sex become a way of avoiding meaningful relationships. The partner , objectivized is used as means of personal satisfaction rather than a shared experience .


Voice clarity improves , as well as tone and pitch , due to the absence of tension after a self-hypnosis session. A light to medium level is sufficient . Self –hypnosis is especially useful before a recording session and stage performances.


Voice clarity improves , as well as tone and pitch , due to the absence of tension after a self-hypnosis session . A light to medium level is sufficient . Self hypnosis is especially useful before a recoding session and stage performances.


Whether anallergy, dermatitis , acne, or any of a number of skin disorder , imagery and positive suggestion can hasten the healing . Religious stigmata, (the reproduction of christ’s wounds is an example of how the mind can changes the flesh of the body . A distinction is made by the church between scars caused by mental visualization alone, and those spiritually imposed. Theologians do not ignore that the power of the mind may be involved.