We are calm, relaxed and in control. We are able to concentrate, infinitely better than ever before. We are able to concentrate and focus so well because giving it 100% of our attention. Whatever task we are doing, we now give it 100% of our attention and by doing so we find it more interesting and enjoyable. We have to find all our studies or projects interesting and able to concentrate so much more easily than ever before. Our new ability to concentrate infinitely better allows us to remember what it is we are studying or learning.

We now have 100% recall because of this. Our mind is the most perfect computer in existence and now our computer is able to concentrate and remember so much more. This new ability will stay with us because we have interest in what we are now doing … because we can focus totally on what is in front of us.

Feel the confidence that we now have being in control … Feel the confidence that we now have that we can attain our goals … that we can now concentrate … that we now enjoy what we are doing …

Allow this confidence to surge throughout our body … and to grow as we feel it expand to every part of our … Feeling wonderful in every way … that we “are” a success … and that we are successful in all that we do.

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