Memory = Event + Emotion, Attached to It Smells, sounds or images can trigger memories and the good or bad emotions attached to Anchoring. A certain external stimuli (inadvertently) become associated with past experiences (thus recalling the past experience), it is possible to deliberately associate a stimulus to the memory of a past experience. The new stimulus could be a touch, a sound or a visual image. If the timing is good, reintroducing the same exact stimulus brings back into consciousness the feelings of the recalled experience. This procedure is known as ‘anchoring’. and the inserted stimulus is referred to as the ‘anchor’. Its purpose in therapy is to enable the instant recall of a particular feeling at a time when it is needed The triggered positive feeling is sometimes called the ‘resource state’. Physical objects can be used to trigger happy memories such as good luck charms and talismans. Once this association has taken place, one can then trigger the memory of that experience at will, together with the corresponding emotion that is attached to it.  Hypnosis course Link

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