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Aphasia is an impairment of language functioning caused by damaged to the left hemisphere of the brain  (Garrett , 2003 ; Hills &  Caramazza , 2003 ) . There are different type of aphasic , example ; Boca’s aphasia and Wernicke’s aphasia .

Wernicke’s aphasia   is caused by damage to the left temporal lobe of the brain. It is characterized by notable impairment  in the understanding     of spoken words and sentences . People with Wernicke’s aphasia have generally fluent phonetic and syntactic but semantically Coherent speech .

This coherence is exhibited through the creation of nonsense words for content words ( e.g. noun , verb ) . It also typically involves the production of sentences that have the basic structure of language spoken   but that make no sense . They sentences . without any meaning ‘yeah , that was the pumpkin furthest from my thought’ (Hills & Caramazza 2003 ) .

In the first case , the words make  sense , but not in the context  they are presented . In the second case , the words themselves are neologism , or  newly created words. Treatment for patient with his   type of aphasia frequencies involves supporting and encouraging non  language communication ( Altschuler et al .,  2006 ).

Boca’s  aphasia is caused by damage to brain ‘s premotor area , responsible in part , for controlling motor command sused in speech production . A person suffering from Broca ‘s aphasia exhibits speech containing excess pauses and slips of tounge and she has trouble  finding words when talking . The person also fails to make  use of function words such as a the and of . For this reasons Boca’s aphasics also produce ungrammatical sentence  ( Tarter , 1987 ) .

Furthermore they have problem using syntactic information when understanding sentences  such as “ the bicycle that the man is holding is blue due to blue trouble comprehending a sentence such as the dog that the women is biting is grey .

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