Smoking Cessation :- Why does hypnosis work for smoking cessation? It works because it changes the subconscious associations that the smoker has with cigarettes. Smoking cessation is probably the most prevalent use for hypnosis. The conscious mind learns through repetition; it repeats the experience of cigarette after cigarette and connects them to various specific triggers, be they situations, emotions, locations or actions. Many smokers report that after they quit, they still reach for cigarettes in their purse or front pocket. These people have quit without hypnosis. Appropriate hypnotherapy for smoking cessation will change these automatic associations and behavior patterns. Hypnosis is also effective because helps a person manage the physical effects of withdrawal. Hypnosis in and of itself can be an alternative coping strategy. Hypnosis removes a very large part of the cravings associated with smoking, and also helps deal with the secondary gain The evidence is fairly clear in saying that nicotine gum and patches and other forms of nicotine replacement therapies are highly ineffective compared to hypnosis, as they fail to address the psychological aspects of smoking mentioned earlier.  Hypnosis course Link

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