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Rapport” is the close, harmonious and peaceful relationship in which individuals or groups of people concerned, understand each other’s feelings, thoughts and try to communicate well.” In one word, Rapport means compatibility. Rapport is a very important and essential skill for any hypnotist or hypnotherapist must-have. In general, it’s almost as important as the hypnosis knowledge themselves. If you do not have a rapport in your hypnosis syllabus, you will likely be fighting a battle during your whole hypnosis process. We, humans, are much more like to communicate, corporate which does as we’re told. As in rapport with the person who’s directing us.

Many therapists tackle to break rapport, by ignoring, provoking, annoying and upsetting their clients as a part of unique therapy sessions. So, this approach does not work for everyone and you need to be a certain type of person who able to do it successfully.


There are several ways to build rapport, and many different influencing factors and elements.

Here, only 8 key factors will help to build and manage rapport with both your therapy clients as well as your potential clients, friends, colleagues and even perfect strangers.

Step 1- Check Your Appearance

 If you are thinking to hypnotize someone, whether, for your business or any pleasure, you must focus the part. 

Step 2-You should have positive body language

 It is necessary to keep good eye contact with the other person, it helps to build rapport with…

but not too much eye contact. Aim to keep eye contact around 80% of the time. On the other hand, side, smiling is the perfect and great way to build rapport. Smiling itself that produces feel-good chemicals in the brain. It will make both you and your subject feel good…

Step 3-Communicate effectively

 While communicating with someone, it is important to engage only in active listening, not passive listening. This means actually paying attention to what’s being said instead of what you are going to say next. Another best rapport developing communication tip is to reflect back things in order to check that you understood them correctly. This concept directly shows that you were listening to enhance communication better and effectively also.

Step 4- Remember names

 This does not require much explaining. If someone recalls your names, it looks like they actually care…This is huge and a great tool for many salespeople that helps to make more, it required to learn to remember and recall people’s names. In case, if you have struggled with in the past, you can use some memory ticks or mnemonics that help you start more effectively remember names.

Step 5-Be empathetic and energetic 

 The empathy that refers to understanding and recognizing things or idea from different perspectives and viewpoint also. Identifying that other people may think or feel about ideas differently help you to communicate with them more effectively. 

Step 6-Mirror and match

Mirroring is another useful rapport builder. This refers to reflecting things or ideas that the other individual says back to them exactly like a mirror.

Step 7-Be funny and happy

 The fantastic and funniest way to develop rapport quickly is to make people laugh more. However, it required to have some sense of humor.

Step 8-Be appropriate and convenient

The final rapport building tips are only to be appropriate and convenient to avoid breaking rapport. By hypnosis

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