Every person in the world dreams. Good, bad, all kinds. Both with open eyes and with closed eyes. But do you know that many times we become paralyzed during dreams or that we are unable to dream while snoring. In this article, we are sharing many such interesting facts about dreams, which will surprise you.

 ·         Psychological Facts About Dreams:-

  1. It is believed that about 10 percent of people have a terrible dream once a month in which (in the dream) someone is running after them to kill them.
  2. It is said that people who have more creativity or are more creative also have more dreams.
  3. It is believed that when we are sleeping, we have long dreams in the morning.
  4. It is also said that most people (about 70 percent) have nightmares. Whereas only a few people (about 30 percent) have good dreams.
  5. It is believed that when we are dreaming, if anything is written in the dream then it is completely impossible to read it, even in the dream we cannot see the time on the clock.
  6.  Every human being dreams (except in cases of extreme psychological disorder). If you think that you do not dream, it means that you forget your dreams.
  7. We spend almost 6 years of our life in dreaming.
  8. We can see four to seven dreams in a night. On average, we dream for one to two hours every night.
  9. Our brain does not invent faces. In our dreams we see only those faces which we have seen somewhere before.
  10. Men and women dream differently. 70% of the characters in men’s dreams are men. Whereas men and women are equally involved in women’s dreams. Additionally, men generally have more aggressive feelings in their dreams than women.
  11. People who are blind from birth, instead of dreaming, experience things like emotions, sounds and smells in them. A period of blindness in a person’s life can affect that person’s dream.
  12. Within 5 minutes of waking up we forget 50% of our dreams and within 10 minutes 90%. Neurologist Sigmund Freud believed that dreams represent our suppressed thoughts and therefore our brain wants to get rid of them quickly. However, it is so that as soon as we wake up, our mind starts getting used to it and hence we forget whatever we see in the dream.
  13. According to studies, 12% of people dream completely black and white. Before the advent of color television, only 15% of people could see colors in their dreams. Older people see black and white dreams more often than younger people.
  14. According to research, the cause of nightmares is not fear, but often feelings of sadness, guilt and confusion.
  15. People suffering from depression dream 3 to 4 times more than a normal person.
  16. It is said that dreams cannot be seen while snoring. But there is no scientific evidence to support it yet.
  17. Well, dreams are influenced by our personal experiences. Yet many dreams are universal, that is, many dreams are very common, which people often see. Like being chased by someone, being attacked, falling, being late in reaching somewhere etc.
  18. The higher the IQ of a person, the more dreams he has.
  19. After waking up one never remembers where the dream started.
  20. Pregnant women have more dreams than others. This happens due to hormonal changes occurring in them.

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