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What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

According to Dr Vinod Mune ( who is an senior consultant clinical psychologist and hypnotherapy specialist ) , “OCD disease has two components. Obsession and compulsion. In obsession, there is some thought, some idea which comes again and again in the mind of the person. There is no control over it. Sometimes when there is obsession, compulsion also occurs in behavior. For example, patients try to control nervousness by doing things like washing hands or cleaning.”

OCD occurs due to imbalance of biological and neurotransmitters. Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy play a big role in its treatment. CBT methods are widely used in therapy.

What are the symptoms of OCD?

Repeating anything again and again can affect mood and reduce productivity. If any person has a mental health disease then he will be seen under a lot of stress. A person struggling with OCD should seek help from a Hypnotherapist.

How to recover from OCD?

If you are experiencing symptoms, first monitor your health. Take advice from experts like psychologist or hypnotherapist. Because, there is a need to learn how to know your thoughts or behavior. Experts can tell you these methods, because they will prepare solutions after looking at your situation, so that you are not uncomfortable.

If you want to work on this disease at your level, then ignore such small thoughts which do not trouble you. Reduce anxiety by changing behavior. Try to avoid recurring thoughts and test yourself whether you are able to do so or not. Gradually increase its level.

It is difficult to treat it yourself. Because, it is a disease and it causes fear, terror and panic. In such a situation, it is important to talk to experts. If symptoms are visible, talk to family or friends about it. Family support is very important in this.

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