An irritation anxiety and panic that has no basis in the reality the obsessive dread can be of anything because it is based on an unreal beliefs. the law of believe says whatever we believe becomes our reality beliefs form a telescope through which we view our individual world. phobias  are the distorted telescope which needs to be repairs or discarded .  

Hypnosis techniques

You are in a movie theater, watching a film about someone with your particular phobia. the performer bears a striking resemblance to yourself. notice how irrational the behavior seems to you. now you are the directors- change the scene as you known an intelligence persons should behave in a such a situation

Suggestion given in hypnotic trance

The phobias is losing its hold on me when the foolish fear begins to annoy me, instead of giving in, I will assert my power and take positive action that is useful for my well being .

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