Fear of Flying can also originate as another anxiety disorder, as like generalized anxiety that become more sever in controlled situation of an aircraft Other than in the past the fear of Flying occur more frequently. Phobias also can fear of Spiders , snakes, closed space etc… Specific phobias also include reptiles, insects, mice, clowns, or other specific fears that manifest in an otherwise healthy person’s life. The fear can actually be of just about anything, and phobias to one degree or another are common in the general population. ex. One time learning. The regression therapy, In these the Fast Phobia cure, are often used by hypnotherapist…. . In this case, going back and re-living the event from a different perspective can help desensitize a person, much like the neuro-linguistic strategy of visualization that allows a person to begin seeing themselves observing life difficulties in an effort to reduce the importance of the actuating event. Hypnotherapy is great for addressing specific phobias because it creates new physical and psychological responses, which allow them to eliminate the old strategy or pattern of thinking that used to cause them fear.

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