In disciplines of the mind which center upon special mental conditions to achieve therapeutic gains have seen steady expansion. Hypnosis, self hypnosis, and meditation are all associated with special mental states, which facilitate positive personal changes and connect with higher dimensions of the psyche. Medical hypnosis is increasingly recognized as a powerful healing modality with applications in all fields of medicine. It is utilized to modulate pain, temper side effects of medications, and to accelerate convalescence. Medical hypnosis has proven itself in its ability to prepare patients for surgery, special procedures, and childbirth, by neutralizing anxiety and by instilling affirmative healing imagery. Because of the fact that hypnosis allows the mind to penetrate into the far reaches of the autonomic nervous system, investigations are under way to determine its potential to positively influence the mechanisms of disease. Self-hypnosis is a mental skill enabling the individual to self-guide into a trance. In this practice, instructions are self-administered in order to orient the mind into new experiences of awareness. In self-hypnosis, one part of the mind exercises its executive prerogatives to direct the mind’s other dimensions to travel in self suggested directions. Self-given affirmations progressively coax the mind to new levels of physical and mental relaxation.  Hypnosis course Link

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