Skeptics is one of the of the best subjects. In these True skepticism, It involves putting aside both beliefs and disbeliefs, standing before the experience or phenomena with fresh eyes, ready to perceive and possibly comprehend what is being revealed. A skeptic is a true scientist. A rationalist may put aside his or her experience as coincidental, or odd if it does not fit his or her preconceived notions, maybe even irrelevant, particularly if it challenges a strongly held belief or value system. An economic rationalist will make obvious efforts to obscure all data that controverts the source of revenue stream. Always be aware that some counter-advocates attempt to disguise themselves within the claim of being skeptics, attempting to claim moral high ground to which they are not entitled. If they are counter-advocates, they are to be challenged to state their position and to observe if what they perceive and what they already know have a goodness of fit or mismatch. Skeptics to be the most intriguing, fun subjects to work with. They are bright, responsive, aware, and willing to observe that data which is an outlier or omitted from their awareness indicates that they have incomplete theoretical paradigms. 

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