● According to practical studies, a person starts thinking more creatively while taking a shower.

● Most people become sad while listening to old songs.

● People start changing their behavior according to the environment and people.

● We are always happier with those people who know everything about us.

● The effect of any happiness or sadness is seen in practice for more than 9 days.

● When a person wears new clothes or things, he considers himself different and smart from others.

● When a person keeps looking at an object for a long time, he starts getting lost in his thoughts.

● A person’s behavior varies between happiness and sadness.

● We are happier with people who know us well.

● If someone praises us, our body language starts changing.

● People who think more are very intelligent and such people like to live alone.

● People who have high IQ do not like noise.

Human behavior plays an important role in psychology. Under this, a person’s behavior is studied. Under this, answers to questions related to why, what and how can be obtained with the help of psychological principles. Under this, an attempt is made to understand human behavior by using psychological principles.

Studying human behavior helps in understanding and assessing the condition of society. So friends, today through our post you learned what is human behavior in psychology? We hope that you liked our post. To get answers to your questions related to this post, please comment.