We can understand hypnotism as a process by using which one person controls another person. It is related to our Ajna Chakra i.e. Mind. A process in which the thoughts of two minds connect or dominate each other is called hypnosis. This is a process which has scientific proof and also a method through which we first bring someone into our trust, his Ajna Chakra i.e. move from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, after which we can read his thoughts through emotions and they include the reason for change.

If we talk about different stages of hypnotism, there are 3 basic stages and two more advanced stages i.e. total 5 stages. In which the last 2 stages are a form of our mental power, it has so much power that the hypnotist feels that we are under his control, but in reality, in these 2 stages, only the subject can take the hypnotist under his control and the expert doesn’t even know about it.

5 stages of hypnosis are as follows:-

First: The subject is in a state of light sleep under the influence of the hypnotist but he is aware of the events happening around him.

Second: The subject’s sleep is a little deeper and he connects with the expert.

Third: The subconscious mind of the subject becomes awakened and it does what the expert tells it. In this state, two brains can perform the same reaction i.e. thought action.

Fourth stage: In this stage the subject’s own conscious and subconscious mind becomes aware but the expert does not know about it.

Fifth: As soon as it reaches this stage, the subject takes the expert under its control and the expert does not even know about it. This stage is very advanced and practiced.