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Generally speaking, there are few cautions, other than perhaps to let clients engaged in PMR know that if they feel an isolated deep pain in any part of the body while doing the ‘tension and relaxation’ exercises, strength training at the gym might help, and consulting with a physician regarding usual pain can rule out bone and muscle injuries that have gone undiagnosed. Also, client conditions such as supposed stress-related headaches could possibly be indicative of other problems, and should be evaluated by a physician to rule out anything like a brain tumor. As a side note, not drinking alcohol, avoiding caffeine and other drugs – including nicotine – can help you to feel rested at night and to feel stress free. Although in the short run, these substances seem to produce relaxation, they physically affect the body in the opposite manner. Finding a natural way to depart from the stressors of the day is essential, and hypnosis can be a positive way to do this.  Hypnosis course Link

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