Our autonomous nervous system come under subconscious mind, it will work on our inborn DNA programming and day to day life thoughts , feeling and emotion program since childhood that is call as creative programming through  traumas, events   in  our life. What you think ,feel,you become such person like your thoughts process through programmed in life ,your bad and good emotional experiences in your  life, causing develop your immunity which decide your progress in life. Our body is the factory of chemical substance, the important fact that   subconscious mind is the supervisor or, we can say as DOCTOR of our body . the chemical changes occurs inside our body due to our thinking and creating our beliefs. what ever  thoughts you feed to the mind, respected chemical reaction will occur in your  body .for example. if u think that you can die then mind can create the chemical, so that u should have to dead. Hence in our life we can create better health by giving thoughts of good health by positive thinking, hence with this analogy we can also create vaccine in our body for virus like  corona. For that only u have to program by giving the suggestion to the subconscious mind using hypnosis techniques. Main function of subconscious mind is to protect our life. this can be  only possible when u feed positive thoughts to subconscious mind . So think positive and love the life, don’t panic  ,don’t feel  fear, don’t get depress. If you would like to  free from psychological disorder like,ocd,migraine,fear of death,panic attack,addiction, nightmares,insomnia,acidity,diabetes,blood pressure,stress, anxiety and depression. So be happy and be positive

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