Psychology is the science that studies the mental functions, behavior, emotions and mental processes of humans based on the subject of psychology.  Psychology attempts to understand the individual’s brain, personality, sensitivity, education, social relationships, health, disease, productivity, conflict, development, and other mental processes.

The study of psychology gives us an understanding of how human thoughts, emotions, and behavior arise and what effects they have. This knowledge helps us understand ourselves, our struggles and problems, and improve our own and others’ mental health.

There are various branches within psychology, which include hypnotherapy, educational psychology, social psychology, health psychology, computational psychology, organizational psychology, developmental psychology, vocational psychology, and personality psychology. These branches study psychology in their special fields and provide them with special knowledge.

What is the need of psychology? Necessity of Psychology?

The need of Psychology is very important for our mental development and happy life. It helps us understand our thoughts, emotions, and behavior through psychological elements and principles. Through Psychology we can reach the depths of our mind and gain the ability to understand various mental issues and solve them.

Along with this, Psychology also helps us in gaining scientific knowledge in the field of social relations, organizational field, health and development. Through this we can bring positive changes in our lives and those of others and achieve healthy mental balance. Therefore, Psychology is an important tool to understand and progress ourselves in our daily life.

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