Friends, today through this article we will tell you many things related to love and attraction which are related to psychology.

So get ready to read psychological facts related to love because after reading this you will know many new things and will also have fun.

Friends, love has a very special importance in the life of every person, without love life is dull.

It is difficult to imagine a happy life without love. It is through this love that we connect with our family and our loved ones.

The feeling of love makes a person both simple and fluid and in every good person, simplicity and fluidity matter the most.

20 psychological facts related to love and attraction:-

1.       According to psychology, the feeling of love manifests quickly in men whereas love does not manifest quickly in women as compared to men. Psychology believes that women take an average of 15 days to love a man. Whereas a man takes only eight to 10 seconds to make love to a woman. Although it is a different matter that women are more emotional than men but their emotions are very controlled whereas men cannot control their emotions for long.

  • 2. Psychology says that if you love a person, no matter how that person is under your care, he is always perfect for you. Psychology also says that if you talk to a person for a long time whom you do not like in the beginning, then gradually with time you start liking that person.
  • 3. Psychology says that the love of people with opposite views lasts longer whereas the love of like-minded people lasts less than that.

4. Girls who talk a lot and boys who talk less have very deep love and the pair of these two people is the most fun among lovers.

5. Psychology says that whenever love is mentioned anywhere or you see or read something related to love, an image of your loved one immediately starts forming in your mind.

6. It is psychological that if two people in love look into each other’s eyes for some time, then the heartbeats of both of them start beating simultaneously.

7. Psychology considers oxytocin as the cuddling harmony love hormone. Psychology says that whenever you hug your loved ones, oxytocin starts getting released.

8. Psychology says that when you are upset, you hug someone you love, this relieves the stress from your mind. Actually, there is a biological reason behind this. Psychology believes that when you hug your partner, oxytocin is released which helps in relieving your stress.

9. A girl is always eager to introduce the boy she loves to her family and relatives whereas this is not the case with boys. Most of the boys are not eager to introduce the girl they love to their family and relatives friends.

10. Psychology says that there are about 38 percent people in the world who will not be able to find a life partner in their life and cannot be happy with any life partner.

11. Often people think that if their thoughts match then their love relationship will last longer, but this is not the case at all because the couples whose thoughts match do not last long, but those who have opposite thoughts, their relationship lasts for a long time.

12. Jealousy is very high in people who are in love. Psychology believes that when you love someone, the level of  hormones in your body increases due to which you start getting jealous quickly.

13. Romance in any relationship does not last more than 1 year. Psychology says that the brain is not able to remain in this state for long after the formation of a relationship.

14. Most psychologists believe that those couples who have the courage to bring their relationship in front of people have strong thinking and deep feelings to maintain their relationship with each other.

15. Psychologists believe that girls often like boys who are taller than them and they mostly pay attention to those boys who have ambition in their thinking.

16. Psychology says that people who are afraid to express their love in front of people do not have strong feelings of love and maintaining relationships and the love of such people breaks soon.

17. Compared to boys, girls express their love much less, whereas boys are very emotional and keep expressing their love for their girlfriends on every occasion.

18. Psychology believes that love that happens under unusual circumstances is stronger than love that happens under normal circumstances and this love lasts throughout the life.

19. If you love someone, the more you ignore him, the more he will be attracted towards you.

20. Psychology believes that you can never fall in love at a young age, rather it is an attraction whereas real love happens after maturity.

So friends, these are some common psychological facts which have been given many times by psychologists on the basis of research. I hope you liked the article.