Behavioral Issues

Smoking Cessation :- Why does hypnosis work for smoking cessation? It works because it changes the subconscious associations that the smoker has with cigarettes. Smoking cessation is probably the most prevalent use for hypnosis. The conscious mind learns through repetition; it repeats the experience of […]


Diaphragmatic breathing tends to indicate hearing, or auditory awareness. Chest breathing tends to indicate vision, or visual awareness. When people are breathing from the chest, the lungs do not open fully, allowing the individual to numb out feelings. Chest breathers are not pulling the full […]


Some subjects will find complete and full relaxation their very first attempt at hypnosis. Some subjects take a very long time achieving relaxation. The emergence from a hypnosis into the activities of daily life is an interesting integration of what has been learned into a […]

Selective Thinking

The individual seeking hypnosis is in need. Often the first need is relaxation. This makes the hypnotist’s job easy, as the one thing all people have in common when practicing the hypnosis of this course is relaxation. The body generally responds quickly to suggestions of […]


Skeptics is one of the of the best subjects. In these True skepticism, It involves putting aside both beliefs and disbeliefs, standing before the experience or phenomena with fresh eyes, ready to perceive and possibly comprehend what is being revealed. A skeptic is a true […]