Did you guys know? How many types of mental disorders are there!

Here we are going to talk about 7 most common types of mental disorders.

So, the first type is panic attack & anxiety which is more common and familiar which you must have heard every now and then . In anxiety you have fear about everything and every situation . You always seems worrying and negative-destructive thoughts keep travelling on your mind .

The next one type is depression from which we all went through at some point of time in life . If you are a depression victim you can feel the symptoms like lacking intrest in almost everything , feeling sadness and feeling of loneliness . It can overpower your mind and make you a completely different person . Sometimes you stay silent and sometimes you shout a lot in between any conversation. It can totally turned you a traumatic person.

If you are a mood person then You must probably have a bipolar disorder. This type of illness is most common in old age people and you often seen it in the teenagers.

Now , there is personality disorder in which the person have a very risky and impulsive behavior. He/she may experience frequent mood swings , break down in any circumstances , rages of anger , emotional and unhealthy mental state. Also they have a unstable self-image/personality like they can switch to a completely different person when they have going through a solid mood swings and changes in there behavior occurs like chemical coordination and electrical impulses travel in brain . You cannot imagine this is that much quick as speed of light.

Next one is eating disorders which is common in children’s and teens In this disorder, people have unpleasant thoughts, feelings and behavior about food and their body shape.

Another one type is OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder It is characterized by a fear of germs or the need to arrange things in a specific manner.

Now there is last in the row is post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – In this disorder, if you have witnessed a disastrous event you are fail to recover from it easily , you have to struggle a lot to forgot that event. Whenever the memory of that event flashes , it makes you feel horrible.