There is no person in today’s world who does not feel stressed. Having stress is a good thing, but it can be dangerous if it goes beyond limits. When this stress starts troubling us in our everyday life then only the problem arises. A person who is always stressed should consult someone for treatment. Remember that this is nothing to be ashamed of. This is not madness or any disease but it can happen to any person at any time.

What is stress?

Stress and depression are a type of mental disorder. Once any single negative thought dominates our mind, it has a negative impact on our mental state. Our brain becomes incapable of functioning properly and feeling happy on any happy occasion. This can be called a situation of tension.

In some people there is a specific reason for stress and in some people there is no specific reason.

Symptoms of stress:-


Grinding teeth and jaws

Body tremors

To be sad

Disinterest in any work

Sleep more or sleep less

Overeat or under eat

Pay no attention to anything

Feeling inferior to others

Lose confidence in yourself

Get irritated over small things

Feeling worthless

To be depressed

Thoughts of death or suicide

Too much sleep or too little sleep

Getting angry over something that makes you happy

Speak less

Pay no attention to anything

Reasons for tension

 1. Everyday life

Sometimes some incident happens in our life which affects our life. Loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of job, etc. All these become causes of stress. The person is unable to come out of these and becomes a victim of stress.

2. Loneliness

Being alone often becomes a cause of stress for a person. If a person is alone and has no friends, he may become a victim of stress.

3. Physical illnesses

If any person has a persistent physical illness then he can be a stress patient. If someone has heart disease, cancer or any such disease, then the person gets troubled by his disease and becomes a victim of stress.

4. Old memories

Depression (stress) can happen to anyone at any time, but there are some people who are prone to stress. It depends on how their old life has gone.

5. Alcohol

Alcoholic people who consume too much alcohol become victims of stress. He has suicidal thoughts.

6. Domestic discord

When women remain locked in the house for a long time and are tortured, they become stressed. Research has revealed that women experience more stress and mental pain than men.

7. Hereditary

Diseases of stress (depression) are sometimes hereditary. If your parents have depression or stress, then you also have 80% risk of stress.

How to help yourself with stress?

1. Exercise

Exercise for half an hour daily. Wake up every morning and take a walk. Due to this, the human body remains healthy and he gets good sleep. This helps in reducing stress.

2. Healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet. A person suffering from stress should consume fresh fruits and green vegetables. This will prevent deficiency of vitamins, proteins, iron in his body and will reduce stress.

3. Avoid alcohol

Stay away from alcohol because alcohol does not reduce stress but increases it. A person under stress should stay away from alcohol.

4. Get enough sleep

Due to lack of sleep, a person becomes stressed and remains worried. If you are unable to sleep, then lie down with your eyes closed and do not let any thoughts come to your mind. This will help you sleep and you will feel relaxed.

5. Do meditation and yoga The best way to overcome depression or stress is to do meditation and yoga. Include yoga and meditation in your daily routine. If you think you know the reason for your depression, then pay attention to it and do not despair.

6. Washing hands with warm water A person under stress should wash his hands with warm water. When a person is stressed, he should wash his hands with lukewarm water. This reduces stress.

7. Listening to music

If any person is stressed, he should listen to music. This may reduce his stress. He will get relief.

8. Give Feedbacks

The person who is feeling stressed should release his stress. For this he should give reactions. It should not happen that the person feels stressed and remains sitting silently. This situation can be dangerous so don’t be afraid to react.

Stress can also be reduced by making a stressed person scream and shout.

9. Laughing pictures

For a stressed person, seeing laughing pictures or making a laughing face yourself can reduce the stress inside him.

10. Drawing or making art

To reduce stress, drawing should be done. During times of stress, the left side of a person gets affected due to which his thinking power gets affected. Therefore, drawing whatever comes to your mind on paper can reduce stress.

11. Take off the slippers

A person under stress should take off his shoes and walk barefoot on the ground. This reduces his stress.

12. Eat something

Under stress a person feels like eating sweets. A person suffering from stress should consume sweets and some green vegetables or juicy fruits so that his stress reduces and it is also beneficial for his body.

A person suffering from stress should be treated through talking or through his friends, psychologist etc. Stress can be removed. People should not make fun of their friends, relatives or people suffering from stress but should help them.

We should keep in mind that there are many people in the world who suffer from stress. We must help them because this can become a fatal disease. If timely attention is not given, a dangerous disease like stress can happen to any person at any time.

We should be careful and avoid taking excessive stress.