There is a MYTH that Dermatoglyphics tests are only useful for children and should not be done by Adults. It is assumed, that an Adult has now reached that stage of life, where he/she has to continue living as is/ where is basis! Irrespective, whether you are happy or not!
Nature has made every living person unique and different: Not even twins behave exactly the same! Similarly, if everyone could do everything, there would be lots of happiness and patience with tolerance around and this world would be a “happy happening” place.
But, what is the real life scenario? There is tremendous Stress and lot of tension around in every person. There are young people committing suicide and other going into Depressions. There are so many people who are needing help of a psychologist or a psychiatrist to handle relationship issues/ team issues in corporate and Industrial counselors to help settlement & retention in workplaces. Yet, these issues are only on the rise: Lifestyle and lack of clarity with purpose is leading people to these situations.
Well, the solution then to all this, lies in trying to reach the “Roots” of every problem: once the root cause is clearly identified, the trigger to each stress is immediately known and since the “why” is known, then the remedy, or the “how” can easily be defined and prescribed.
This is where “Dermatoglyphics” comes in: The only methodology wherein no interactive sessions are needed to try and reach the root causes of problems, along with clarity in identification of the top performance zones leading to passionate working zones!
Break the myth: Let’s get Dermatoglyphics tests done for every living person to ensure a “stress free” and “complete happy life”!

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