What is paranoia?

Paranoia is a medical illness , which happens to affect the brain, and causes changes in thinking and feeling . Its nobody’s fault when it develops , and certainly does not mean any personal weakness or failure . It’s an illness just as diabetes and asthma are illnesses.

Paranoid individuals are eager observe . They think they are in danger and look for sing and threat of that danger , disregarding any fact’s . They tend to be guarded and suspicious and have quite constricted emotional lives.

Feature of paranoia :

People with this paranoia do not trust other peoples . I fact , the central characteristics of people is a high degree of mistrustfulness and suspicions when interacting with others. Events friendly gestures are often interpreted as being manipulative or malevolent.

Symptoms of Paranoia

The main symptoms is permanent delusion . It should be kept in mind that there is delusion in schizophrenia also but in these case it is not permanent or organized . In paranoia the symptoms of delusions appear gradually and the patient is sentimental , suspicious , irritable ,inverted, depressed, obstinate, jealous, shellfish , unsocial and bitter hence the family adjustment is not desirable , and while he has the highest desirable , the effort that he is prepared to expend is correspondingly little.  

Kinds of paranoia :

There are six type of paranoia

1.persecutory paranoia

2.Religious paranoia

3.Erotic paranoia

4.Reformatory paranoia

5.Litigious paranoia

6. Hypochondrical paranoia

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