Online Hypnosis Practitioners Course


Learn hypnosis by
Dr. Vinod Mune
Founder & Trainer
The Hypnosis Healing Foundation


With the help of this hypnosis course you will be focused, motivated, stop worrying, sleep better, confident and you will be master to maintain your mental & physical health. “Mental stress is responsible for 90% psychological and physical illness. Once the mind is free from negative emotional thoughts, you will get rid of all diseases and disorders. Hypnotherapy course will help you to get rid of all negative thoughts and in turn cure you from psychological and psychosomatic diseases.”
Hypnotherapy is well known for the removal of excess anger, bad habits, addiction, fear /phobia , stress , Anxiety , depression and also work on a physical problems such as migraine, asthma, high blood pressure, constipation, diabetes, losing weight.



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