Subconscious Mind

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The subconscious mind only think in present….Doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined…………It is also ill-logical, ir-rational and non-analytical and believes any think weather it make no sense…………….. The subconscious is the set of the imagination. In which we are dwelling upon, both positive and negative as well as…….. what we are informing our creative self is important and must be tended to. we are pre-conditioned by your environment, our past experiences , past regression life, perceptions, and decisions etc. Every experience, perception, decision, action and idea is stored in our memory banks of the subconscious mind. This is the creative engineering department, the imagination, the studio, the lab, the drive, and the habits. It works automatically and impersonally to achieve or impede goals of success and happiness or unhappiness and failure, depending upon the programming you feed into it. Instead of rationalizing in a linear manner, it is emotional, holographical,  uncritical and faithfully records your perceptions and misperceptions.  Hypnosis course Link

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