HYPNOSIS is one of the conditions of people that involves enhancing the capacity, reduced peripheral awareness and focused attention to respond to suggestions.

It is a one-way state of relaxation, confusion or concentration in which the conscious mind becomes remote are detached from every day cares and concerns and in the relaxed state of the unconcerned part of the mind is the best able to respond creatively to suggestions and imaginary.

Bach said that disorder coming outside from inside. And psychologically and psychosomatic disorder is caused due to negative emotions for those persons. Mental illness is responsible for all types of psychological and psychosomatic diseases hence, Once psychological and psychosomatic disorder becomes in order. Hypnosis plays an important role in the improvement of mental health by giving suggestions to the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a scientific technique by which we can go to the subconscious state having the highly receptive ability of the subject. Our all uncontrol functions such as blood flow, breathing, and other automatic functions are controlled under the subconscious mind. i.e. Our autonomous nervous system work under subconscious minds. Hence, when we commend are suggested to the subconscious mind, then related to thoughts.the hormonal secretions from respective glands and cause the functions and dysfunction. Therefore, hypnosis treatments are very essential tests not only to cure the body but also to cure the mind.


HYPNOBIRTH is a process or method by which should lead to a calmer birth. The main basic ideas behind the stress, anxiety, and fear will cause pain to the mother. During the labor, the body produces a chemical called oxytocin and endorphin which helps to progress for labor.

Hormonal secretions are affected by the stress felt by the mothers, causing labor periods longer and painful. So, managing stress, fear, anxiety or any negative emotions since childhood had programmed in her subconscious mind may be produced by the hypnosis technique such as relaxation, breathing exercises, etc.

If women have given hypnosis treatments for the mind using hypnosis, the results are very fast and effective. Health relaxation since from the conception of the child. It will be benefited after the childbirth. It has evidence that it lowers the postnatal depression.


There are many hypnotherapy treatments such as Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, Mania, Bipolar disorder, Communication disorder, autism, ADHD, Agoraphobia, Social anxiety disorder, Eating disorder, Insomnia, Parasomnias, Addiction, Personality disorder, Thumb sucking, Bedwetting, Nail-biting, Panic attacks, Hysteria, Dyslexia, Sleep disorder, Fear, Teeth eating, Stammering, Menstrual problem, Slow learner, Horror dreams, Addiction low memory problem, Weight loss, Anger management, Phobia, Suicidal thoughts, Postpartum depression, Parkinson’s, Students problem, Not willing to study, Counselling marriage counseling, Student counseling, Love break, Mental shock, etc…


Mental stress is responsible for 90% Psychological and Physical illness. Once the minds are free from these negative emotional thoughts, you will be get rid of diseases, So HYPNOTHERAPY will help you to cure of psychological and psych

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