Dermatoglytic Multiple Intelligence Test in Nagpur



The longform of DMIT is Dermatoglytic Multiple Intelligence Test. This is a scintific study of the relation between fingerprint and brain neuran this is the application og dermatoglyphic science. DMIT it is a beach which deals scientific study of ridges of the finger. In 1892 Sir Francis Galton establishes this theory of Dermatoglytic science.

DMIT fect is brain mapping of human being by which we can get the inborn multiple intelligence of the person are child. It is application or tool by which we can identified or discover over inborn talent or intrest of the child.

Brain mapping through DMIT will get perfect career selection guidence which helpful to achive sucessful life.

By this DMIT test we can identified our multiple intellgence such as, interapersonal intelligence, logical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, lingnistic intelligence, muscial intelligence, naturalstic intelligence, spatial intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence. AQ, IQ, CQ, EQ learning style (visual, anelitary, physical kinestatic), personality identification (cognitive, affective, reflective, reverse thinker) professional career preference, swot analysis Brain Dominance. I stronly belive that every human being is barn with an inborn talent and multiple intelligence. If one is able to identify his/her inborn talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely exeel in life. However, the most pepole fail to identify there inborn/ innote potential due to which they take wrong decisions in selecting their career and extra curricular activities. This analysis will clearly highlite your three talent, multiple intelligencee, professional learning style, level of various quotients, personallity traits and be-haviours, your strength & wealness and also the way to develop the desired intelligencee. This analysis disclosed the inborn qualities of the child.