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Gambling obsession

Thinking only in terms of being a winner or loser , spurs losers to try to become winner, even if the behavior is irrational . the consequences of gambling can be destructive . there  are people who   have lost their cars , homes and marriage . the underlying motivation of gamblers isn’t just about money . often it is connected to a lack of intimacy.

 Resistance to temptation comes in discovering the original trigger . the therapist regresses the subject to the situation which promoted the need to gamble . finger signals are used to inform the actioners when the proper age has been reached . self approved brain washing works extremely well . the subject it is told imagine a waterfall a few inches above your  head as it flows into your skull and through your brain the water release all debris and obsoletes gambling addiction the water flows down through your body out the soles of your feel and into the ground . the urge to gamble is gone permanently .


“I cannot depend on chance . I will , instead , choose to be more confident and self sufficient . I can make my own luck and became a real winner in life”

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