Dear Readers, Today we bring you an article by Dr. Vinod Mune (who is a senior consultant Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapy Specialist) – Best Child Psychologist and Child Specialist (best counselor) – owner and Director of Hypnosis Healing Foundation and Dr. Mune’s Mind Clinic in Nagpur. In this Article you’ll gonna know that what are the reasons from which your Child is Suffering from anxiety in School .

School anxiety greatly affects teenagers and affects their mental and physical health. This can cause anxiety and is also a problem.

Below are some ways you can understand how school anxiety affects teenagers:

-Academic Performance:

Due to school anxiety, students do not concentrate on their studies, due to which their academic performance can decline.

-Physical Health Issues:

Due to school anxiety, teenagers may have physical health issues such as headaches, stomachaches, and sleep problems.

-Social Withdrawal:

Some students have started avoiding social situations due to school anxiety. His interaction with classmates and teachers seems to be decreasing.

-Self-Esteem Issues:

Constant anxiety causes teenagers to doubt their abilities and self-worth, which can lower their self-esteem.


Thinking about chronic school anxiety can lead to depression.

-Behavioral Changes:

Some students resort to negative behaviors to cope with their anxiety, such as substance abuse, aggression, or rule-breaking.

-Attendance Problems:

Due to school anxiety, some students avoid going to school, which affects their attendance.

-Performance Anxiety:

Due to constant worry about exams or presentations, students can become victims of performance anxiety.

-Relationship Strain:

School anxiety also causes strain in interpersonal relationships, as students are unable to interact properly with their friends and family.

-Future Worries:

Some students may also have anxiety about the future, such as related to college admissions or career choices.

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If you or a family member or friend think you are experiencing school anxiety, it is important to seek professional help (Best school counselor), ( Best Mental Health Professional in Nagpur ). Parents and teachers can also help support students and help create a positive and inclusive school environment.

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