Sleep Disorder :

Hello to all the Dearly Readers out there! Today I’m going to talk about 3 powerful techniques that help you to sleep peacefully in the morning you will wake up fresh and smiling.

So the first suggestion is that you have to heat mustard oil and apply it on your feet every night and have to massage gently. You have to pay special attention to the toes of your feet, press the points there in a good way, and massage them clockwise and anticlockwise, this will give you the feeling of deep sleep quickly and you will wake up feeling fresh in the morning.

The second suggestion is to gently dim the lights 30 minutes before bedtime. Create a quiet atmosphere by listening to light, soothing music, but limit it to a maximum of 45 minutes for optimal relaxation. And whatever your sleeping rituals like brushing your teeth, changing your clothes, or having the habit of drinking milk half an hour before you go to sleep, you should tackle them completely fresh, sit on your bed ready for sleep, and do the yawning action. Whenever we change anything in our physiology, our brain gets a trigger for it, negative or positive or both. Here’s an interesting fact: When you smile during tough times, your brain registers that everything is okay. Similarly, just as you’re encouraged to smile throughout the day, try mimicking a yawn at night to help signal to your brain that it’s time to unwind. This will signal to your brain that you are ready to sleep. Engage in this activity for 5 minutes, and you’ll notice your eyes starting to blink. Going to bed with a smile, and waking up content after a night of deep sleep—guaranteed to make your mornings brighter and happier. Such a simple technique but very powerful.

The third suggestion is, that the key to peaceful sleep lies in letting go of anxiety, fears, anger, or sadness before bedtime. Disconnect from these five common emotions to ensure a tranquil mind and embrace a grateful feeling, paving the way for a restful night’s sleep.

So, to remove your anxiety feelings first you have to close your eyes then you have to hold your thumb with the other hand’s palm and take a deep breath (inhale – exhale) and you’ll see within minutes your anxiety will go away. If you have fear then hold your index finger and repeat the same action and you’ll see your fear is vanished just within a few minutes.  When anger flares, try holding your middle finger, close your eyes, and repeat the process. You’ll be surprised at how it helps calm down the anger. Similarly, for sadness, hold your ring finger, take a deep breath, and relax – you’ll feel the weight of sadness lift away. And lastly, if you feel hurt then hold your last small finger and repeat the above technique to feel relaxed and to overcome your hurt situation. When you are free from all your negative emotions, you will be relaxed.

Finally, bring your hands together in gratitude, thanking God. Affirm to yourself that you’re ready to embrace a profound and peaceful sleep, experiencing happiness in this very moment with a serene and contented feeling. I am ready to experience this deep sleep. So get ready and just lie down and you will see that in the morning you will experience immense happiness and peace it will not even take 5 minutes and you will fall into a deep sleep and wake up smiling in the morning.

Give these three powerful techniques a try, and enjoy a wonderfully peaceful night’s sleep every time.

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