your mental where house has vast accumulation of helpful information , but also a great backlog of use less debris . This sooner give your mind house cleaning the better you memory will be . Hypnosis is the broom which sweep it clean .When bad experience leave an after image (like bad food leaves an aftertaste) hypnosis can erase the taste and replace the space with more satisfying visions . visualize your memory warehouse as a computer . Everything has been recorded in your document and files .

All you have to do push the right button to bring the information up on the monitor or screen . Form a mental image of the thing are you trying to recall envision the situation in which the day month and year zero in on the wanted information…

Suggestions :

 i will awaken each morning alert and aware . My mind will be sharp and clear all through the day and evening . As i fall asleep each naught 

will affirm that every day in every way my morning has became better and better

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