• Stress In Mother

The effects of maternal stress is less important than the effects of maternal nutrition but some researches finding support that maternal stress may also affect fetus develop ( Stretcher and Halton, 1982 ) . It seems  that means maternal emotions could influence  the growing child . The emotions act through the autonomic nervous system that activates endocrine glands , which , in turn , regulate the secretion of hormones such as , adrenalin . since hormones can pass through placenta , they may affect the fetus . in a  study , motor  deficit in newborn was associated with high anxiety in prospective mother  during the last month of pregnancy , but  also with high anxiety in prospective mother during the last month of pregnancy  , but also with the use of medication during child birth ( Standley  ,  Zsoule  and copans  , 1979 ) . 

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