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In today’s article we are going to enlighten your knowledge about the context that what are those causes from which you get anger and aggression. (Best anger management treatment in Mumbai). Later on we’ll share best anger management techniques and anger management strategies with you.

Aggression and anger are emotions visible in a person’s behavior, and what causes them. These factors can be judged from the individual’s personality, social and mental status. Below are some common causes:


Vyaktigat Karan (Personal Reasons):

1. Frustration:

As a matter of fact, aggression and anger can cause aggression and anger in us, or in reaching a goal.

2. Insecurity:

The principle of Atmasamvedana, the natural aversion, or the natural protective feeling can prevent aggression.

3. Low Self-Esteem:

People with low self-esteem may feel alone within themselves, which makes it difficult to cope with anger and aggression.

4. Personal Loss:

The loss of an important person or loss of something in a person’s life can also cause anger and aggression.

5. Mood Disorders:

Mental conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, or other mood disorders can make a person angry.

Social Causes:

1. Environment:

Bad or jhagda-jhagra can prevent aggression in the environment, at home or in society.

2. Cultural Expectations:

In some societies, aggression and bad behavior are appreciated, which can be seen in a person’s behavior.

3. Poor Social Skills:

A socially incompetent person who is not able to express his views in the correct manner can express his feelings in the form of aggression.

4. Peer Pressure:

Pressure from friends or social settings, such as peer pressure, can also cause aggression.

Psychological Causes:

1. Anger Management Issues:

Some people are not able to control their anger, due to which their behavior becomes aggressive.

2. Trauma:

The effects of past trauma, like any type of trauma, can cause aggression.

3. Personality Disorders:

Some people have a personality nature of being aggressive, which can make it difficult for them to control their anger.

4. Coping Mechanisms:

Some people find anger a way to cope with their stress and problems. When they face difficulties, they use anger as a medium to express their emotions.

5. Cognitive Distortions:

Wrong thoughts or negative thoughts that haunt a person’s mind can hinder anger.

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The types of anger and aggression depend on a person’s behavior and his life situation. If a person feels that their anger is affecting their life, it is important to seek professional help. Psychologists (Best anger management therapist in Nagpur) and counsellors (Best anger management therapy near me)  can help a person manage and resolve anger.

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