Psychology is a very interesting science; through it you can easily understand someone’s mind. Today in this post (Behavior Psychology Facts) we will tell you some unique things related to psychological facts about human behavior.

Some Facts which you must know are as below:-

  1. People with bad handwriting are very intelligent and their mind is also very sharp.
  2. Those people who have high IQ do not like much noise.
  3. A person spends more than 30% of his time in imagination in a day.
  4. Those people are very shy who put their hands in their pockets after seeing the crowd.
  5. A person who bites nails a lot is very troubled from within.
  6. In sadness you need more sleep, whereas in happiness you can do with less sleep.
  7. A person sitting idle has more negative thoughts in his mind whereas a person who is busy in work remains mentally healthy and also has less stress.
  8. There are 85% people in the world who think at night about what they want to do in real life.
  9. Humans cannot sneeze or cough while sleeping. If they do, they are already awake.
  10. Such people attract anyone who knows how to make others laugh.
  11. According to psychology, people who quickly accept what others say are very good at heart.
  12. The person who is very calm on the outside is very dangerous on the inside.
  13. 90% of people express in writing what they cannot say.
  14. People who read more books often become kinder.
  15. People quickly believe any rumor but do not believe the truth.

That’s all for today!

Hope you guys love reading the above Psychological facts.

Keep reading and stay healthy and mentally fit .


Dr. Vinod Mune

(Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapy Specialist)